The team

CHRIS ORD – team leader, director of fluff and nonsense
responsible for coming up with any excuse to get outdoors (although celebrating Australia’s landcare heroes is a great one) and convincing everyone else that paddling 215km down a river without a lick of training is a great idea.


JARAD KOHLER – team leader, chief of super powers
the only expert on the team and thus responsible for getting everyone down safely. Worse case scenario, he will represent the rest of team Landcare S2S in finishing the six days as they log into this blog to track progress from hospital. Thanks to KEEN footwear for letting him out to play.


SACHA DENCH – team biologist, paddler and safety officer
She loves being underwater, and can hold her breath for over 6 minutes so rolling the kayak is not not an issue. May be have to be pulled away from playing “who’s got better lungs” with the local platypus population.


JONO DUTTON – paddler, jester
roped in by Chris, he has no idea what he’s in for. “Ah, stretch a little” was Chris’ only advice for preparing. But he’s a trooper and knows that numbers count on the river. Responsible for making us laugh. Mostly by falling in. Which means it should be a hilarious trip.


BEC RITTERS – logistics queen
the most important member of the team bar none. Food, hydration, photography, videoing, blog uploads, the odd joke, transport…is there anything she can’t do or organise? No. There isn’t.

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