Freediving marine biologist joins Landcare S2S challenge

26 08 2008
Sacha Dench

Sacha Dench

Australia’s top female freediver and marine biologist Sacha Dench, will join the S2S team to tackle the upper reaches of the Yarra River.

A leading member of Coastcare group Ecodivers, Sacha’s passion for all things above and below water is beyond argument.  Sacha currently holds the Australian record for depth and competed at the World Championships in Ibiza 2001 and Hawaii 2002. Impressively she can hold her breath for 6 minutes and 22 seconds.  Sacha trained in the UK and in France with Loic Leferme (deepest man in the world) and his team. Check out her freediving in the video here.

Despite her competitive bent, Sacha is particularly interested in freediving for leisure, be it shallow, deep, scenic, wrecks, and wildlife. Sacha has also developed an ongoing interest in rivercare after a stint working on both coast and river sites with turtle projects in Surinam, South America and the Kimberley.

Sacha joined Landcare Australia just over a year ago and will add to the team a scientific bent as we track down the river looking at the biology of the waterway. Sacha will also man the cameras and with her extensive knowledge of water safety, act as just that – safety officer! My life is in your hands Sacha. No pressure. – Chris