The wrap

12 09 2008

The muscles have recovered, the memories of the bone crunching cold and wet (not to mention the bone crunching rocks and logs) have receded; in their wake are nothing but images of sunny patches, smooth paddling and a damn beautiful river. Sure, the river has its problems, but the Yarra remains the (mostly) flowing artery – and to many the lifeblood – of Melbourne. And thanksfully, as we discovered en route, there are plenty of landcare and rivercare heroes attending to its ailments.

And to the wrap. For those parties involved and interested, download an overview report here: landcares2s_overview_report_low.

There’s been plenty of positive feedback and given the event was organised in under three weeks, we at Landcare feel it was a success in terms of raising rivercare awareness during Landcare Week in Melbourne. Next year, with a longer lead time and your continued support, we hope to make it bigger, better and in doing so achieve a larger splash in terms of awareness and recognition for the volunteers and workers across Victoria – and Australia – who carry out important work as the nation’s river guardians. We thank them and you for caring, a factor that is, after all, central to the strength of the Landcare ethic and movement.